Cockpit Aptitude Training Environment

Pilot aptitudes determine career altitudes. Strengthen your flight school curriculum with SkyTest® CATE™, our dedicated aptitude training system for FTOs and their students.

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Cockpit Aptitude Screening Environment

Decision-making in airline hiring and FTO admission requires a resilient basis. Screen your applicants with SkyTest® CASE™ for top-tier performance grading beyond fail and pass.

Key Features

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News - Editorially selected air crew vacancies

SkyJobs by SkyTest® is an editorial job market for the global flight crew community. Our team spots and shares the most attractive and recent pilot and cabin attendent job offerings in daily rounds of research.

Whether you are an experienced professional or cadet - SkyJobs by SkyTest® is your source for new cockpit seats. (2016/10/04)

SkyTest® Preparation Software for Pan-Asian Pilot Screenings

We just released SkyTest® Preparation Software for Pan-Asian Pilot Screenings. The latest member of the Skytest® family addresses pilot pre-hiring and flight school admission screenings at airlines in Asia and those associated with the vibrant Asian market. This new software features 49 dedicated aptitude training modules and the current software framework with SkyTest® Training Assistant and SkyTest® Cloud to enhance your training experience. (2016/07/18)

Flight Capacity Test added to SkyTest® for UK Pilot Aptitude Screenings

Flight Capacity Test is a new prep module for stage 2 of British Airways pilot selection. It addresses various pilot aptitudes from information perception and processing to divided - visual and aural - attention, short term memory, multi-tasking and stress tolerance.

The task plots a flight deck situation with ATC instructions to apply and aircraft systems to handle, while remaining attentive to the live traffic environment around you.

SkyTest® for Air Traffic Controllers: Multi Control Test and other new modules

The supplemental program includes an additional training module, dubbed Multi Control Test (MCT), for FEAST Stage 2 preparation. MCT puts you in the role of an air traffic controller and in charge of a control sector. You navigate air traffic through a network of waypoints and resolve conflicts before they occur. A concurrent audio task claims aural attention.

Furthermore, this new add-on features extended training modules for Math, Physics and Technical Comprehension. (2015/12/21)

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